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War in Ukraine: France becomes the world’s third largest contributor

A new ranking by the Kiel Institute places France in third place for financial support to Ukraine.

” France is the third largest contributor in the world in support of Ukraine ,” the French Embassy in Ukraine announced in a tweet. Indeed, according to the new classification of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy,  Paris has undertaken to pay 7.39 billion euros to Kiev, including 5.98 billion euros in the framework of European aid. Data that was not taken into account in the ranking of last October , which relegated France to 13th position in the world. ” The rankings do not reflect the whole reality “, had regretted the Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu.

A support fund of 200 million euros was also voted by Parliament. It allows Ukrainians to place orders for equipment with French companies or ensure the upkeep and maintenance of systems already delivered. Thus ” Bastion vehicles or floating bridges ” could be ordered, said Sébastien Lecornu in an interview with the JDD on November 19 . Two CROTALE anti-aircraft missile batteries were delivered, as well as two LRU multiple rocket launchers in November.

The increase in this French aid is also linked to that of the European Union, which now reaches 52 billion euros, exceeding the 48 billion Americans. On December 7, the European Commission proposed aid of 18 billion euros in 2023, in the form of loans whose interest will be borne by the Member States. “ She is the main reason for these changes ,” explains the Kiel Institute. Five days later, the European Peace Facility, a “ kitty ” used to finance military assistance provided to Ukraine, was increased by two billion euros .

Germany, for its part, becomes the leading European supplier, counting bilateral aid and funds paid into the “ European pot ”, with 12.61 billion euros, and the second worldwide. “ She has committed and delivered more weapons, winter gear, and an important new package to support cybersecurity and war crimes intelligence efforts. But also electric generators, transformers, and more defense capabilities , ”decrypts the Kiel Institute. Germany, for example, provided an IRIS-T air defense system .

The Kiel Insitute is a German think tank that identifies and quantifies the military, financial and humanitarian aid promised to Kiev, thanks to a tool: the Ukraine Support Tracker . This is based on official government statements and information from the main international media.

SourceLe Figaro
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