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Traffic Jams and Heatwaves Disrupt Holidaymakers Across Europe

This weekend, European travellers had to put up with packed motorways and delayed trains as families headed south towards their holiday destinations.

Black Saturday for European roads as travellers from across the continent head to their holiday destinations, causing traffic jams all around.

In Germany, with the start of the vacation in the states of Bavaria and Baden-Württenberg, holidaymakers travelled south, passing through Salzburg in Austria and blocking traffic, especially on the Tauern motorway.

In general, traffic is no longer as heavy as it was during the main travel weekends several years ago. This is due to the fact that more and more holidaymakers also starting to make their journey south during the week.

In the UK, around 17,000 people travelled through Dover on Saturday morning on their way to France.

Ferry passengers waited for hours to get through traffic at the border. Officials have warned waiting time could reach up to two hours upon arrival at the English port.

Despite the delays, authorities warned travellers not to arrive more than three hours before their sail time.

In France, the total length of traffic jams across the country reached 1,000 kilometres this weekend. But holiday-goers hoping to avoid the roads were stuck at the Paris-Montparnasse train station due to a “weather-related disruption”.

On Saturday, in the middle of the day, a train coming from Bordeaux arrived three hours late.

Source : Euronews

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