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Tajikistan’s Fallen Hero: Tajiddin Husainiev

You are not Forgotten.

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The Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region (GBAO) is the largest region in Tajikistan in terms of area, but the least populated in terms of population. In May and June 2022, there were deadly outcomes after President Emomali Rahmon’s regime quelled the scene of protests. Tajiddin Husainiev was one of the victims. 

Tajiddin Husainiev was from Derushon village in Roushan, Tajikistan. A relative shared that he was a regular guy who lived simply and lead a normal life. He left the village to migrate out of Tajikistan and was an athlete.

Shodi Zevarshoev, Tajiddin’s father, told that his son was killed on May 18 in Rushon. He added that he had no witnesses, no proof, no news and no information was given explaining the death.

Tajiddin Husainiev

1999 – 2022

Tajiddin was reported died at the age of 23.

The authorities in Khorug have given no explanation of the circumstances of these unjustified gruesome killings that happened in May 2022. The perpetrators remain at large.


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