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Tajikistan’s Fallen Hero: Qurbanmahmad Qurbanmahmadov

You are not Forgotten.

Berlin, Brussels (2/5 – 40)

The Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region (GBAO) is the largest region in Tajikistan in terms of area, but the least populated in terms of population. In May and June 2022, there were deadly outcomes after President Emomali Rahmon’s regime quelled the scene of protests.

Qurbanmahmad Qurbanmahmadov, nicknamed “Mahmad” lived in a rented house with his family in the city of Khorug. Mahmad was married with one child and working as a general labourer and selling vegetables in the district market in Roshan.

According to his relatives, on May 18, around 7 am in the morning, he went out to work at the district center. A day later, his body was brought back to the village by an ambulance from the Roshan hospital. His relatives say, “It’s because he had a beard, he was sometimes under pressure and received attention from the authorities.”

Qurbanmahmad Qurbanmahmadov

1981 – 2022

Qurbanmahmad was reported died at the age of 41.

The regime in Tajikistan is headed by Alisher Mirzanabatov, who is the current Governor of GBAO and former head of the region police and a close ally of the President Rahmon´s son, Rustam Rahmon. The authorities in Khorug have given no explanation of the circumstances of his killing. The perpetrators remain at large.


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