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New roadways will honor local servicemen killed in Afghanistan.

Two new residential streets in Ashfield could be named after local soldiers who died in Afghanistan if a proposal is approved by the district council.

Conservative politicians will put forward a motion at Ashfield District Council’s full council meeting on Thursday (February 2).

It will focus on two local soldiers – Rifleman Adrian Sheldon and Private Paul Sandford – who both died in the conflict and were born in the district.

Rifleman Sheldon, 25, from Kirkby, was killed in May 2009, while Private Sandford, from Hucknall, died in June 2007 aged 23.

Councillors say both will be “sadly missed” by their regiments, communities and families and have called for streets to be named in their honour.

Cllr Chris Baron (Con), who represents Hucknall West, will present the motion on Thursday alongside fellow Conservative Cllr Phil Rostance.

They will say: “Rifleman Adrian Sheldon sadly died in Afghanistan in May 2009, after 10 years of military service.

“Justifiably, his family and his regiment will never forget him.

“Equally, Private Paul Sandford from Hucknall was tragically killed in Afghanistan after military service with the Worcester and Sherwood Foresters. He too is still sadly missed.

“Paul was educated and lived in Hucknall all his life and followed the military route of joining the local regiment.

“Adrian lived in Kirkby all his short life, and they both gave their lives to safeguard the future of others from tyranny and dictatorship.

“Adrian’s final resting place is at Kingsway cemetery, and Pauls’s final resting place is in Hucknall cemetery, with a plaque erected in St Mary’s Magdalene church in Hucknall.

“As former Hucknall and Kirkby in Ashfield residents, isn’t it time to honour their lives through the naming of a street after them?”

All councillors on the Ashfield Independent-led authority will discuss the suggestion during Thursday’s meeting.

If supported, the authority would name streets after both men in a new development in the future, though the motion does not specify which housing plan could be used.

It follows Gedling Borough Council’s progress with a similar project to honour fallen soldiers in the borough.

The Labour-run authority plans to rename streets at the new 44-home development off Longdale Lane, Ravenshead, in honour of fallen First and Second World War soldiers.

The council contacted the developer last year and suggested the names Allsebrooke and Hilkin be used.

Berridge, Clarke, Worsh, Metheringham, Guest, Pressley and Murfit were also selected for further developments in Ravenshead.

source: westbridgfordwire

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