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New Package of EU Sanctions Against Russia May Affect Kazakhstan

The European Parliament is going to adopt a new package of sanctions against Russia in April – the document may affect Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Arab states.

Brussels is expected to focus on mechanisms to prevent circumvention of already imposed restrictions, including at the expense of third countries. Such information was provided in the European Parliament to the Izvestia publication .

Thus, the measures may affect Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Arab states, the European Parliament admitted.

Earlier, the White House said that Washington and Brussels are deepening their joint work on “aggressive enforcement” of restrictions, including the US and the EU will influence third states so that they do not help Moscow.

Meanwhile, MP Gunnar Beck admitted that measures against circumvention of sanctions will not be extended to third countries immediately, but gradually.

“This will be a step of desperation on the part of the West. Now they have practically nothing to sanction,” the deputy said.

Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan will monitor the circumvention of sanctions against Russia using the new system.

It is specified that it will allow tracking the entire chain of movement of goods across the border of the republic in real time.

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