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Kyrgyzstan has Spent Some $1 Billion for Defense for 2 Years

Some $1 billion was spent for the country’s defense capability for the last 2 years, Deputy Chairman of Cabinet and Chairman of the State National Security Committee Kamchibek Tashiev said.

The strength of the state depends upon army and defense capability at present, he said.

“The state has spent $1 billion for defense during the last 2 years. What does this mean? These are our armed forces, military equipment for armed forces, ammunition, armament and many other. We have got weapon not worse than our states have. We have weapon other countries do not have,” Kamchibek Tashiev said.

“We will bring and buy more. The main thing is that we are not preparing for the war. We are preparing to defend our state. We do not want our state to be affected. to be invaded by someone, we will not allow that. This is our goal. This is why we allocate big funding for defense. We will ensure peaceful life of our citizens,” the Deputy Chairman of Cabinet said.

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