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Germany: Man Found Dead in House After 30-Hour Police Siege

A police standoff that lasted more than a day in eastern Germany ended with officers finding the main suspect dead in a house. Police were called to the scene in a suspected child endangerment case.

A police operation to arrest an armed man in the village of Vieritz in the eastern German state of Brandenburg has ended, police said on Sunday.

The village is around 120 kilometers (74.6 miles) west of Berlin.

The man had barricaded himself and a child in a house since Friday afternoon and had fired several shots at police officers.

Police said that the man was found dead in the attic of the building.

The exact circumstances of the man’s death were being investigated.

Authorities have lifted all road closures in Vieritz, but a large area around the crime scene remains cordoned off.

Police say no officers were injured in the operation. Several firearms, ammunition and other dangerous items, including a hand grenade, were seized at the scene.

A police spokeswoman said that there was no danger to the public at any time.

What else do we know about the incident?

According to initial reports, there were four people in the house: two men, the child and its mother.

Officers had been called to the scene after being asked for help by a child welfare office in a case of suspected child endangerment, according to police.

The reason behind the incident was initially unclear.

The mother left the house during the night.

Late on Friday, a man was arrested after leaving the house carrying a firearm. He did not fire any shots, according to police.

On Saturday, the child was handed over to youth welfare authorities. This was done “non-violently,” a police spokeswoman said.

Source : DW

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