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German National Tourist Office GCC Promotes its UNESCO Campaign, ‘Historic.Modern.Germany’, to GCC Travellers

German National Tourist Office (GNTO GCC) and world-renowned artist, Sacha Jafri, came together to spotlight its 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany campaign. Germany looks forward to welcome GCC travellers by offering an unparalleled journey through time, tradition, and natural wonders, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the country’s rich heritage and vibrant landscapes.

The event was held today at Studio Jafri, the Middle East’s jewel in the crown Studio/Gallery, brought GNTO and the global Artist, Sacha Jafri together, to highlight the importance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Yamina Sofo, Director at German National Tourist Office (GNTO GCC), said: “We are excited to promote our ‘51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany’ campaign. We’ve come together with the incredible Sacha Jafri who worked seamlessly and we were delighted to see the beauty of the Museum Island Berlin on his canvas.”

“Recently, at the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting held in Riyadh, Germany was awarded a 52nd World Heritage; a testament to our commitment to safeguarding our heritage while offering travellers a chance to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery.” Yamina added further.

Sacha Jafri said: “My vision and inspiration for my UNESCO World Heritage Sites Collection, aims to reconnect Humanity to our cultural past, a more conscious present, towards an inspired and more sustainable future. It has been an honour for me to partner with UNESCO’s in celebration of their 50th Anniversary of World Heritage Sites.”

From historic palaces and castles to flourishing natural parks, architectural marvels and quaint towns, Germany encapsulates the essence of cultural preservation and environmental conservation. Whether the travellers are history enthusiasts, nature lovers, architecture aficionados, or simply seeking vibrant cultural experiences, Germany has it all:

  1. Palaces & Castles: Travellers can step into the opulent world of kings and queens by visiting majestic palaces and fairytale castles dotting the German landscape, providing a glimpse into Germany’s royal past. Why not visit:  the Castles of Augustburg and Falkenlust in Bruhl or the Coralingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey.
  2. Cultural Heritage: Germany’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated through museums, galleries, theatres, and historic sites that transport you to different eras and artistic movements. Why not visit: the Frontiers of the Roman Empire and the Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps.
  3. Nature & Gardens: Travellers can explore Europe’s largest mountain park, where pristine nature reigns supreme and the vast mud flats are a testament to the beauty of Germany’s natural landscapes. Why not visit:  Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz or the Muskauer Park.
  4. Industrial Heritage: Visitors can discover the legacy of innovation and industry in Germany’s industrial heritage sites that offer a unique perspective on the country’s technological achievements. Why not visit: the Mines of Rammelsberg and the Water Management system of Augsburg.
  5. Architecture & Design: Travellers can also marvel at the country’s architectural prowess, from contemporary designs to historic buildings that have stood the test of time. Why not visit:  the Fagus Factory in Alfeld or the Bauhaus sites in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau.
  6. Churches & Abbeys: Germany’s ecclesiastical heritage is evident in its stunning churches and abbeys, showcasing breathtaking architecture and spiritual significance. Why not visit:  the Lorsch Abbey and the Monastic Island of Reichenau.
  7. Historical Town Centres: Explorers can wander through charming historical town centres, where medieval streets blend seamlessly with modern life. Why not visit:  the Bamberg old town or the Hanseatic town of Lubeck.

Interactive Map for Seamless Exploration: To enhance and complement travellers’ journey through Germany, the country offers an interactive map detailing all the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This tool enables travellers to plan their visits, combining stops at UNESCO sites with excursions to vibrant cities and picturesque natural landscapes. It’s a chance to experience a unique culture that has been cherished for generations.

To find out more about the Historic.Modern.Germany campaign and the UNESCO World Heritage sites, visit

About the GNTB

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) works on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to represent Germany as a tourist destination and is funded by the Ministry in accordance with a decision taken by the German Bundestag. Working closely with the German travel industry and private-sector partners and trade associations, the GNTB develops strategies and marketing campaigns to promote Germany’s positive image abroad as a travel destination and to encourage tourists to visit the country.

The GNTB’s primary strategic areas of action are:

  • Conducting targeted market research and analysis of market-specific customer demand in relation to various aspects of travel in the context of sustainability and culture among those with values-based lifestyles.
  • Supporting the travel industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized businesses, through relationship management and the sharing of knowledge.
  • Raising awareness of the Destination Germany brand and enhancing the brand profile with a focus on sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Focus on sustainability and digitalisation:

The GNTB promotes forward-looking tourism in line with the objectives of the German government. The focus here is on sustainability and digitalisation.

To make inbound tourism more sustainable and competitive, our organisation follows a three-pillar strategy that combines the sharing of knowledge with external partners and a supporting communications strategy with our internal sustainability initiative. The GNTB positions Germany as a sustainable and inclusive destination in the international travel market.

The GNTB is a pioneer when it comes to using immersive technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), voice assistants and other conversational interfaces, and artificial intelligence applications such as chatbots. To ensure that tourism offerings are visible on AI-based marketing platforms, the GNTB coordinates the German tourism industry’s open-data/knowledge graph project.

Source : Zawya

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