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EU Ready To Hold Dialogue With Lebanon on Syrian Refugees: Envoy

The European Union (EU) understood Lebanon’s concerns about hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees on its territories and was ready to engage in constructive dialogue, said the bloc’s ambassador to Lebanon on Tuesday.

“The European Union remains ready to engage in a constructive dialogue on these issues within the limits imposed by our respect for Lebanon’s sovereignty,” Ralph Tarraf was quoted in a statement released by his delegation as saying.

Tarraf added that Lebanese and European citizens are concerned with social cohesion and economic imbalances when opening doors to others in large numbers. He said finding a balance is delicate work and “there are no easy solutions or quick fixes.”

On many occasions, Lebanese authorities accused Europe of insisting on keeping Syrian refugees in Lebanon and not facilitating their return to their homeland.

Lebanon is hosting the largest number of refugees per capita, with the government estimating around 2 million Syrian refugees living in the country. 

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