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Cyprus Activates Action Plan To Help EU Nationals Escape Sudan

Cyprus has activated an action plan to receive foreign nationals who are fleeing Sudan, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday.

The plan is part of the European Union (EU) action to repatriate thousands of EU and third country nationals who were trapped by fighting between rival military factions, mostly in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

“A ministerial meeting decided to activate the Special National Plan ‘Estia” (‘Home’) for the reception and repatriation of foreign nationals from the crisis area through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“The Republic of Cyprus has the intention of offering in this framework facilities to friendly countries for the repatriation of their citizens from Sudan through Cyprus,” the ministry added.

The announcement came after a special meeting between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior and Justice and Public Order, on how to assist in the evacuation of EU citizens, including a number of Cypriots and third country nationals.

The meeting was called as a three-day ceasefire agreement between the warring factions was reported.

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