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Berlin-Based Lillian Care Raises €2.4m to Tackle Rural Germany’s Doctor Shortage

Berlin-based Lillian Care, a healthcare technology company founded by experienced entrepreneurs in the German healthcare industry, announced that it has secured €2.4M in a pre-seed round of funding.

The company also plans to raise an additional €2.4M at the seed stage, with total funding commitments of €5M. 

The company says the funds will be utilised to address the shortage of general practitioners and provide primary care services in underserved areas.

Investors supporting Lillian Care

The investment was led by Barcelona-based Nina Capital, a specialised VC firm based in Europe that invests in startups at the intersection of healthcare and technology. The firm supports founders committed to advancing healthcare through innovative tech solutions.

The round also saw participation from Aescuvest, Caesar Ventures, OHA BTG, Calmstorm, and individual investors like Björn von Siemens, Wieland Sommer, Inga Bergen, and Fredrik Debong.

Marc Subirats, General Partner at Nina Capital, says, “The Lillian Care model represents a disruptive innovation that aims to involve nurses in the management of chronic and elderly patients, initially focusing on rural areas and small cities, but with the potential for broader application within the healthcare system.”

“Such models are increasingly recognised as essential for ensuring the long-term sustainability of healthcare systems. Lillian’s adaptation to the German situation is the best we have seen to provide close-to-home general practice services for an increasingly underserved and ageing society,” adds Subirats.

Building innovative healthcare facilities nationwide

Founded in 2023 by Linus Drop, Dr. Florian Fuhrmann and Markus Liesmann, Lillian Care claims to be tackling Germany’s doctor shortage by establishing hybrid medical practices nationwide. 

Lillian Care takes inspiration from Lillian Wald, the founder of American community care. With her hands-on and problem-solving approach, she had a great influence on the development of healthcare.

Ulrich Weigeldt, chairman of the Family Physicians Association, says, “The Lillian Care concept can inspire young physicians to work as essential primary care physicians in underserved regions because they are relieved of administrative tasks, work from home on a daily basis and teamwork characterises the collaboration.”

Lillian Care’s platform empowers nurses to be the first point of contact for outpatients, handling 60 per cent of treatments with digital supervision from doctors. This approach allows physicians to concentrate on complex cases. 

The platform utilises data-driven processes, ensuring high-quality care and reintroducing local healthcare to underserved areas where practices have closed. In addition to improving healthcare access, Lillian Care also enhances working conditions for medical staff.

Capital utilisation

Lillian Care says it will use the funds to expand its hybrid medical practices network. With a goal to become a market leader by 2030, the company aims to enhance patient, nurse, and physician satisfaction while establishing value-based care contracts with health insurers.

This funding is crucial as around 4,000 primary care physicians’ offices are currently vacant and studies predict 11,000 more will be unfilled by 2035, exacerbating Germany’s physician shortage crisis.

Lillian Care’s innovative care model aligns with new initiatives introduced by regulators and health insurance providers, creating favourable conditions for its success.

Linus Drop, founder and CEO of Lillian Care, says, “We are building a network of hybrid primary care practices supported by a comprehensive technology stack that enables fast setup, streamlined workflows for interdisciplinary care teams and telemedicine treatments.”

“In Germany, the shortage of primary care physicians is a concern, especially in rural areas. To ensure medical care, we offer physicians and nurses an innovative care model that takes into account the needs of modern professional care teams and takes inspiration from the lessons learned by healthcare systems internationally,” adds Drop.

Source : Siliconcanals

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