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Tajikistan’s Fallen Hero: Shuhrat Rushtov (Aydievich)

You are not Forgotten.

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In Tajikistan, the Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region (GBAO) is the largest region in terms of area, but the least populated in terms of population. In May and June 2022, there were deadly outcomes after President Emomali Rahmon’s regime quelled the scene of protests.

Shuhrat Rushtov (Aydievich) lived in the village of Vamar in Roshan, Tajikistan. On May 19, his relatives took his body from near Roshan hospital. He was lifeless. According to relatives, he had earlier participated in the Roshan rally.

Shuhrat was married and has one child. His son is 24 years old. According to his close neighbor, Shuhrat did not have one hand. In 2003, he was working for a toilet paper factory in Dushanbe and there was an accident. His hand was cut and he became disabled.

He was arrested during the protest and was taken to the police station, as accounted by one of relatives who declined to be named and insist on anonymity. “During the police interrogation, Shuhrat had cooperated and answered the questions. But after a few moments, he was shot. He was shot in the back,” our witness added.

Our reports showed that on 19 May 2022, Shuhrat was taken to the police station and then taken out to the street and shot without trial.

Shuhratwas reported diedat the age of 44.


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