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Russian Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova stole millions from Putin

Former Russian Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, who officially was dismissed mid-June, fled to France ‘with hundreds of millions of dollars saved in cryptocurrency.’.

Tsargrad and other Telegram channels report this with reference to several sources, although confirmation or refutation of this data has not yet been received. If she fled to France, it must be a deal with the French security service, as she is sanctioned in Europe.

There is a version that Shevtsova allegedly cooperated with the investigation against the detained generals, trying to avoid her own charges. According to another version, the generals, to reduce their sentences, named the names of colleagues who participated in corruption schemes, which could include Shevtsova.

In addition, the Tsargrad publication notes that Tatyana Shevtsova actually owns several real estate properties, including a residence on the banks of the Moscow River worth up to 2 billion.

She has also real estate in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France.

Serious questions are being raised as to who helped Tatyana Shevtsova leave the country and who covered up her actions. Fleeing to NATO countries is not the best choice for a Russian official, especially a former defense official.


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