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Russia can pursue attacks on Ukraine with its missile stockpiles – Ukraine’s Defence Minister

Defence Minister Rustem Umierov has said that the Russians have been accumulating missiles for many months to attack Ukraine, they can continue attacking given their missile reserves, but for every crime of the Russian Federation, there will be a fair punishment.

Quote: “A large-scale missile attack on our land by the terrorist state. For many months, the Russians have been accumulating missiles for this purpose: strikes on residential buildings, shopping centres, and hospitals. On peaceful Ukrainian cities”.

Details: According to Rustem Umierov, “Russia, again and again, demonstrates to the whole world that it has no other goal than terror, than murder, than the genocide of Ukrainians”. “There will be a fair punishment for each of these crimes,” the minister stressed.

“It is obvious that with such missile reserves that the aggressor state has, they can and will continue such attacks,” Umierov said.

He assured that Ukraine will continue to work with the governments of partner countries to provide our country with enough air defence systems to protect our people from the deadly danger of future attacks.


  • On the morning of 29 December, Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine: explosions rocked Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and a range of other oblasts.
  • During the large-scale attack on Ukraine, the Russians used 158 aerial weapons, including various types of missiles and attack UAVs. Ukrainian forces shot down 27 Shaheds and 87 cruise missiles.
  • As a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine on the morning of 29 December, at least 22 people died, and 132 people were injured, according to police.

Source: Yahoo News

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